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These high-tech fitness tools add a reactive element to your workouts

"Sometimes, you have to get away form reps and sets. You need to challenge yourself in your workouts, and have fun," says Men's Health fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel C.S.C.S. in the latest "MH Strong" video. This is a series in which we review and test fitness gear to determine if it's worth purchasing. Here's the BlazePod.

Sets of eight LED mini touch stations starting at $309 with a changing base and eight color options. They also come with a carrying case that allows gym rats to set up challenging workouts. All this can be controlled via an app. Samuel says they will "change up your exercise ,"-- but the question is: Are they worth the space in your bag? We walk you through the pros, cons and benefits of the system and discuss whether it is worth the investment.

The way it works is that you can either place the pods on the ground or attach them to a wall or boxing bag (various attachments available on the company's website). The light will turn on when one of the pods lights up. This means that the athlete must touch the pod to activate it. All of this can be done via a connected smartphone app. You can click on a workout to choose how many BlazePods to activate and get started with 30-second- to 10-minute workouts.

Men's Health

Fitness trainer Joshua Thompson loves BlazePods' fun factor. "It's different. He says it's not your typical day-to-day routine. It's possible to have fun and be creative with it. It can be done in a group or by yourself. It would never get boring, as you can always make it interesting."

Thompson likes the challenge of the illuminated devices. "When you're tired, you need to push beyond that mental fatigue."

Samuel says that reacting to flashing lights, and thinking about the color of your workout is a way to increase versatility in your gym routine.

Even so, $300 is not a lot of money to spend on flashing lights. Check out our video to find out if it's worth it.

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