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6 Steps to a Perfect Deadlift Form

6 Steps to Perfect Deadlift Form

What's the point of a name? It can be called "deadlift" and there will be a lot of fear and loathing amongst the lifting gen. This moniker is quite appropriate. Although a deadlift won't kill you, if done correctly, it will leave you exhausted. Deadlifts work every muscle in your body, particularly your posterior chain. This includes your calves, glutes, and hamstrings. Proper deadlift form is essential.

We've assembled four top-notch trainers to help you get the most out of each rep. They share their knowledge on deadlift form, function, and everything else in between. This master class will help you bring back your deadlifts and revive your progress.

This guide will help you master the difficult exercise with an intimidating name.

6 Steps to a Perfect Deadlift

1. Installation

Place a barbell on the ground in the middle of an Olympic platform, or in a designated area in your gym with rubber or reinforced flooring. After clearing out any extra equipment from the area, load your plates onto each side and attach them with clips. Rubber Olympic lifting plates (also known as "bumper") are preferred to smaller metal/rubber coated plates. If you lower the bar, bumper plates make it easier to move the weight around the equipment.

Before you lift, make sure to check your alignment. Your spine should be straight from the head to the tailbone.

2. Assume the role

Zachary Long, also known as The Barbell Physio and SCS, is a Charlotte-based physical therapist and strength coach. He advises that you take a narrow stance with your hands on the bar at your hips. The bar should be placed close to your shins. Your hips should be higher than your knees. Your shoulders should be higher than your hips. You can maximize your power potential by placing your armpits directly above the barbell.

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Crew Cue: Lace Lineup
Denise Cervantes, personal training, group health instructor, and certified Level 1 USA weightlifting coach, suggests that you position your feet so that your shoelaces are directly under the bar. She says, "Think about this as 'point B.'" "At the top (or 'point A'), the bar should be aligned with the shoelaces. Straight lines are the fastest and most efficient way of getting from point A to B. Good deadlift form, like any exercise, will allow you to lift heavier weights. Just be patient.

Crew Cue - An Apple a Day...
"Your shoulders should be pulled back and activated, like you are trying to hold an apple between the shoulder blades," Samantha Parker, MS., CPT. C-IAYT. E-RYT 500. Author of Yoga for Chronic Pain...WTF? (Neoteric Movement Systems (2018). This helps to protect the smaller muscles, notably the delts and the rotator cuffs. It also helps to keep your chest elevated."

Warning: Don't be a Slacker
Apply some upward tension to the bar before you lift it from the ground. This will ensure that the bar presses against the top of each of the plates' center rings. Cervantes explains that deadlifters should do the same as sprinters who lean forward to take off. This allows you to increase tension in your [posterior] chain.

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