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A 20-Minute Arm Workout that will torch your Bi's and Tris

The 20-Minute Arm Workout to Torch Your Bi's and Tri's

You don't need to do a lot of reps or long workouts to have great arms. The triceps and biceps get plenty of attention in your other workouts. They are engaged during pulling movements on the back day and the triceps used for chest and shoulder presses.

A short, intense, and focused arm workout, once or twice per week, will work well. It will shape your upper arm and build strength. These are the benefits of this 20-minute arm workout.

Jason Kozma, a celebrity trainer and former Mr. America who owns High Performance Personal Training Los Angeles, designed this simple and effective superset and triset session. It will get you into and out of the weightroom in 20 minutes and target each area of your biceps or triceps muscles.

The 20 Minute Arm Workout

Each of the three groups below begins with a biceps move and ends with a (or two) triceps exercise. Each superset will be performed for three sets. You will perform each move in the superset without rest between. Then, you'll rest one minute between supersets.

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