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Dumbbell Core Workout to Tone and Tighten Your Abs

The Dumbbell Core Workout for Tight, Toned Abs

span style="font weight: 400 Many people believe their core is just their abdominal'six pack' muscles and that crunches are all they need to strengthen them," Teri Jory, a Los Angeles-based personal trainer, professional skater, fourth degree black belt, creator of the POISE system and the following dumbbell core exercise.

However, core strength is more than that. Jory says that core exercises are a foundation for supporting the pelvis and lower back. This gives the body the stability it needs to perform the daily movements.

It takes effort both inside and out of the gym to effectively train the many muscles that cross our abdomen and lower-back. You can take some time every day, no matter where you are, to do the following core exercises:

1) Pull your bellybutton towards your spine. Your multifidus muscles, which run from your pelvis down to your neck, work in harmony with your corset. These are laces that attach your corset to your belly muscles and activate them.

2) Next, activate your pelvic floors muscles. They hold your internal organs together. They can be activated by you doing the same thing as when you want to stop urine flow -- squeeze tight span>

You can start your journey to a strong, healthy core by pulling in your belly button and simultaneously squeezing the pelvic floor muscles for five to ten seconds, four to five days per week. For optimal conditioning and results, Jory recommends the following resistance training workout. It only requires one dumbbell between 5-10 lbs and a regular pillow.

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