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Kate Beckinsale, 48, Proves She's All Muscle while performing Hanging Crunches in a New Video

  • Kate Beckinsale has just posted an intense core workout that was upside down on Instagram.
  • 48-year-old actress is working out six days per week and is clearly seeing results.
  • She used to call exercise "nature's antidepressant."

If you need the inspiration to get moving this weekend, check out Kate Beckinsale’s latest gym-stagram. The actress, 48, goes hard with her workouts, and the video she just posted proves it.

The Underworld star hangs from a suspended ceiling ladder and effortlessly completes full rep crunches in this 10-second clip. It is captioned with a simple yellow emoji. We are not the only ones amazed at her strength. (I mean...hanging upsidedown crunches is next level!)

One person said, "Beautiful beast," Someone else wrote "D*amn girl." "Bad. Ass. 100% inspo. #moveyourbody" is another addition.

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Brad Siskind, Beckinsale’s trainer, said that she goes to the gym six times a week. He said that "the whole hour is work" and that she targets every part of her body.

She shared her favorite exercises with WH, including simultaneous bicep curls or squats as well as sit-ups and punches together. In between sets, she often includes cardio of 90 to 120 seconds. She is also a frequent user of rowing and climbing machines. She'll add resistance bands, weights, speed, or other challenges to increase the difficulty of her reps. She finishes her cardio with a rubber Inertia Wave, or one-leg pushes while on a Skillmill treadmill.

She likes to do trampolining and yoga, which she does in order to keep things interesting, especially when she's on the move. Sometimes she also does boxing. She told WH, "I haven’t been hurt while making an action movie." "I think it's partly from doing yoga."

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She used to be vegetarian but found she needed to eat meats like chicken and fish. She balances these out with plenty of vegetable-rich salads and grains, per .

Beckinsale's persistence and determination are what truly make her extraordinary. Siskind said to WH that she rarely misses a training session. He said, "If she does miss a workout, it's usually for a good reason." She's crushing it because she doesn't.

She struggles sometimes to get out of bed in the morning, like most people, but she is always grateful she does. She shared her thoughts with Shape in 2016. "Workout is nature's antidepressant. I start out absolutely terrified of it. Then, I do an incredibly hard workout and b*tch about it all the time.

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