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Natalia Grossman, World Champion Rock Climber, Reveals Her Success Secret: "Believe In Yourself"

Moscow (RUS), 18/09/2021: Competes in the Women’s Boulder Final during the 2021 IFSC Climbing World Championships. (c) Jan Virt / IFSC. This photo is intended for editorial purposes only. Please contact [email protected] if you need any other use.

Natalia Grossman, an American professional rock climber, is her name. The United States represented at the IFSC Climbing World Cup for bouldering and lead. She was awarded a gold and a second medal at the 2021 IFSC Climbing World Championships. She also has 14 podium finishes at Climbing World cup events, seven of which were gold.

Grossman was second in both bouldering and combined disciplines at this year's IFSC Climbing World Youth Championships, Arco (Italy). Grossman won the USA Climbing 2020 Bouldering Open National Championship and was undefeated at the National Cup Series for bouldering in 2019.

Grossman was first in bouldering at the USA Climbing National Team Trials, March 2021. He also finished second in lead, qualifying him for the United States national team. Grossman reached the final at the Boulder World Cup in April 2021. She finished third at Meiringen's 2021 IFSC Climbing World Cup. Grossman was awarded her first two World Cup golds medals at two IFSC events in Salt Lake City in May 2021. She topped all four boulders in one event, and then flashed all four final boulders the second. Grossman beat Janja Garnbret who also topped all four boulders on attempts. This made Grossman the first woman to beat Garnbret since 2018. Grossman was second in Lead after finishing on the podium for four of five events. She also won two bronze and silver medals.

Moscow (RUS), 21 September 2021: competes in the Lead final during the 2021 IFSC Climbing World Championships in Moscow (RUS). © Jan Virt / IFSC. This photo is for editorial use only. For any additional use please contact [email protected]

Natalia Grossman won the gold medal at the women's boulder competition in Innsbruck on Friday 24 June 2022. The American 20-year old has been on a roll since 2022. She won five consecutive boulder gold medals in World Cup competition.

Medal Record:

Event 1st 2nd 3rd
World Championships 1 1 0
World Cup 8 4 3

World Championships
First place in 2021 Moscow Bouldering with a gold medal
Silver medal - Second Place 2021 Moscow Lead

World Cup (Season).
Winner of the 2021 Bouldering Contest
Second place 2021 Lead

Women Fitness President, Ms. Namita Nayyar, talks to Natalia Grossman, a world champion professional rock climber. She shares her fitness regimen and how she got there.

Meiringen Switzerland, April 17: competes in the Finals at the Haslital Climbing Center during the 2021 IFSC World Cup in Meiringen Switzerland

Namita Nayyar:

Santa Cruz, California, United States was where you were born. You began climbing at Pacific Edge at six years old. Later, you joined Zero Gravity and were trained at Berkeley Ironworks. You became a professional climber. Your career took you to the top as a professional rock climber player. We want to hear more about your journey of perseverance, hard work and tenacity.

Natalia Grossman:

From the time I was in Berkeley training to now, I moved from Berkeley, Colorado to Boulder, Colorado. I've always been motivated and I want to do my best in everything I do. My family moved to Boulder when I was 15, so I could climb with the best teams in the country. My parents made many sacrifices but it was worth it. They love Boulder!

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