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Rollerskating is a great addition to your summer fitness program.

Rollerskating rinks appeared all over the country in the 1980s. Rollerblades were introduced to the market in 1980. People started using them to replace running and cycling. This is understandable as it has some of the same benefits as those two.

This is why you should consider adding this wonderful exercise to your summer fitness regimen, for as long the weather allows it.

How do you learn to skate?

It will be difficult to start if you haven't worn skates before. If you've ever used ice skates before, you should be able to put your rollerblades on and start skating. It is actually easier than learning how to skate on ice. It takes a lot of time to learn how to stand on this surface, but it's much easier to learn how to rollerskat on a hard surface.

Find someone who can teach you, if possible. If you can find friends who already use rollerskates or rollerblades to get around town, this is the best scenario. It is a good idea to have someone there to help you learn the rope. Online solutions are available, however. Live camera calls can even be used to help teachers identify what is wrong.

Protect yourself

Before you put on your rollers, make sure you have all of the necessary protective gear. This includes gloves with wrist guards and knee pads, as well as a safety helmet. There is a good chance that you will fall at times, especially in the beginning. You could get seriously hurt if you don't have these elements. A whistle is also an option. To get someone's attention quickly, whistle loud and hard if they are in a car or riding a bicycle. Try to find other skaters in your area. You'll make new friends and have an incentive to take your skates out instead of just looking at them all day.

Have fun while you exercise

Rollerskating can be mastered, but it isn't as easy as running. People just love to put on their skates and go skating. Although it is hard to explain, there is an inherent freedom that comes with this sport. It is very similar to the feeling you get when skiing down a slope. You feel like you're flying to some degree because your feet don’t touch the ground. You take care of your body without having to think about it.

An excellent pair of skates doesn't have to cost a lot. There are many options available below $200 for the best quality skates. Skates are protective for your ankles and feet so it is crucial to make the right choice. Skates are lightweight and easy to transport. You can either buy a bag or take one you already have with you and bring it everywhere. This is something you cannot do with a bicycle.

Health Benefits


Finding the right position to maintain your balance is the hardest part of rollerskating. Once you find it, you'll discover which muscles are required to maintain it throughout the exercise. These muscles can help you skate better and will help you maintain a better position off the skates.


Rollerskating, like cycling and running, is good for your cardiovascular health. It is also very taxing on your heart. Your legs must push your body all the time. To ensure that blood circulates well, the heart pumps blood throughout the body. If you find rollerskating more enjoyable than running, cycling or laps at the pool, you can change your cardio routine.

It will build muscle, especially your legs. You will also be able to balance and coordinate better. These are all reasons to get rollerskating in your life.

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