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The Old-School Bodybuilding Chest Exercise

The Old-School Bodybuilding Chest Workout

Finding a good routine is the key to bodybuilding. You want to eat the same muscle-building foods every day and to do your workouts consistently. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't make occasional changes to keep your body learning and adapting.

"The traditional way to think about the order of your exercises in a workout is to begin with compound exercises, which target multiple muscle groups and then move on into isolation exercises that hit one muscle," says Cari Shoemate, a Houston-based personal trainer and owner Bombshell Bootcamp. You can get incredible results by changing the script.

You know that the normal course of a workout is to do pushups in front and flye movements in the back. What happens if your flyes are done first? Your pectorals, anterior (frontal) delts, triceps and triceps work together to lift the weight. The largest and most powerful of these three muscles, the chest bears the brunt.

Imagine what happens when you fly first and your pecs are the main focus. They will be "pre-fatigued", which means that they will need to work harder during press to keep up with supporting delts.

Shoemate notes that reversing the order of the exercises can stimulate the muscle fibers in your chest more deeply as you move from presses to flyes. You'll be stronger and more toned than in a typical chest workout.

Shoemate adds a finishing touch to each exercise, making it even more effective. She says that her pecs respond well to a slow pace.

Reverse-Play Bodybuilding Chest Exercise

Instructions Gather two dumbbell sets (one of medium and one of heavy weight) and a bench. You can also use towels, a mat or a floor mat to perform the moves. You'll perform 3 sets of each exercise after a cardio warmup lasting at least 5 to activate your blood and get your heart pumping.

Between sets, rest for 1 minute and between exercises for 1-2 minutes.

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