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Your Routine Needs: The Total-Body Medicine Ball Circuit

The Total-Body Medicine-Ball Circuit Your Routine Needs

Home gym used to be a collection of shiny chrome-plated benches and machines, along with a complete set of dumbbells and weight plates. If you don't have 1000 square feet, good luck!

We know better. A few tools and an exercise mat can transform any area of your home into a productive zone that promotes health and fitness. This is a total-body medicine ball workout that will prove it.

This routine is from Jason Kozma (former Mr. America) and owner of Personal Training Los Angeles. Armed with only one medicine ball, he takes you through a session that will work your entire body.

Total-Body Medicine Ball Workout

The following 10 moves require a medicine ball. You can choose to use the old-school soft version with a stitched cover, or the new-school hard rubber type.

They will be done in a circuit. You should rest minimally between exercises. Rest for one to two minutes between each circuit to allow you to catch your breath, regroup and go on to the next round. As you gain proficiency and strength in each exercise, you can choose to move to heavier balls if you have many.

You can cut down on time by trimming one round or reducing the reps to 10 per move.

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